Strengthening the Global Fund’s Commitment to Human Rights


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Recognizing that maximum impact in the fight against the three diseases cannot be achieved without taking the human rights of beneficiaries into consideration, the Global Fund has elevated its commitment to human rights to the highest level; the organization’s 2017-2022 Strategic Objective 3 is to Promote and Protect Human Rights and Gender Equality.

A more strategic approach to human rights is taking shape both internally in the organization and externally in the Global Fund’s support to implementing countries. Human rights baseline assessments in 20 countries are being finalized, which will provide a basis for scaling up strategic human rights interventions. Global Fund policies and the policy making process are being reviewed, to determine any additional areas where human rights considerations can be included.

To support the Global Fund’s efforts to strengthen its human rights response, in early 2019 the Office of the Inspector General will conduct an advisory review of the organization’s approach to human rights. The review will look at the Global Fund’s readiness to deliver on the human rights aspects of Strategic Objective 3 (including areas such as grant cycle processes, risk management and communications) and provide recommendations on how the Global Fund can strengthen its approach even further.

Once finalized, the advisory report will be published on the Office of the Inspector General website.