Strengthening ties with African Supreme Audit Institutions


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Since 2017, the Office of the Inspector General and the African Organization of English-speaking Supreme Audit Institutions (AFROSAI-E) have been working together to improve the oversight over Global Fund grants implemented by state Principal Recipients, and to strengthen relationships between the OIG and supreme audit institutions.

On 9 September, AFROSAI-E’s CEO, Meisie Nkau, and Regularity Audit Manager, Edmond Shoko, reviewed the collaboration’s progress with Inspector General Mouhamadou Diagne, Audit Manager Collins Acheampong and Head of Professional Services Unit Bernardin Assiene.

“There is value for both parties,” said Ms Nkau. “AFROSAI-E has learnt a lot about what the Global Fund contributes to countries and how to hold governments accountable in terms of grant usage. Working together lets us identify root causes, follow up on them, and elevate key findings to governments and parliaments.”

“Collaborating with OIG allows us to identify the respective strengths and weaknesses of auditors, auditees and donors and approach them from a common perspective,” added Mr Shoko. “Ultimately, we all share the same goal of saving lives.”

“An important part of mitigating risk is leveraging oversight organisations on the ground, such as SAIs,” said Global Fund Inspector General, Mouhamadou Diagne. “Donors need assurance that systems in a country are working, and if you want an SAI to provide that assurance, you need to help them build capacity. AFROSAI-E has an important role to play.”

With the OIG/AFROSAI-E partnership working well, both sides intend to renew their Memorandum of Understanding in February 2020, confirmed Mr Acheampong.