Detainees Denied Access to HIV and TB Treatment


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Human rights violations

The Global Fund received a report about poor conditions for prisoners and people held in pre-trial detention centers. Some of the individuals were in need of care and treatment for both HIV and TB.

The report alleged that they were being denied treatment and stigmatized as among them there were people who inject drugs and sex workers.

The Office of Inspector General assessed these reports, ensuring that whistle-blower identities were protected and remained confidential at all times. OIG investigators visited the country on a fact-finding mission. During the mission, they visited the detention facility and met the government Principal Recipient and sub-recipient responsible for prevention, treatment, care and support for people living with HIV and tuberculosis whilst in detention.

Doctors and ex-prisoners were interviewed, and civil society organizations providing support to key populations also provided valuable information. The outcome of the investigation resulted in a number of actions, notably increased Principal Recipient oversight over the organization charged with delivering services to the patients in the detention centers.

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