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What is coercion ?

Which is the correct definition of coercion ?

An intimidation tactic sometimes used to make people cooperate during an act of fraud or corruption. For example, harming or threatening to harm people or damaging or threatening to damage goods and property to prevent people from speaking out if wrongdoing is taking place.

Entering a secret arrangement to gain an unfair advantage to influence something or to deceive others. For example, trying to influence a tender or showing favoritism to a particular bidder or company for a contract.

Misusing or abusing power for private gain. For example, giving or receiving a bribe or a kickback, paying an official to win or asking for money to award a contract, offering or accepting excessive gifts or hospitality to influence a decision.

eLesson on Coercion:

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Why should you care about coercion?

Puts individuals at risk of harm, physically or professionally

Conceals irregularities or the misuse of grant funds

Demonstrates a disregard of policies and procedures

Discredits the ability of the Global Fund to carry out its mission

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How do you spot Coercion?

Coercion can have the following red flags:

Individuals are threatened either physically or psychologically

Processes are influenced to achieve particular results and to favor certain individuals or entities

Employees are retaliated against for challenging the actions of line managers or other superiors

Employees are discouraged, or are not given the opportunity to speak out and report non-compliance

Procedures for reporting irregularities do not exist or are ineffective

Applicable policies and procedures do not exist or are not made available

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Coercion in numbers

2% of cases received by the Office of the Inspector General relate to coercion

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Case study on Coercion

Read case examples of coercion from the Office of the Inspector General archives

eLesson on Coercion:

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