eLesson 5

What are human rights violations?

What is the correct definition of human rights violations?

Violations of the following five minimum standards in the programs financed by the Global Fund: non-discriminatory access to services for all, including people in detention; employing only scientifically sound and approved medicines or medical practices; not employing methods that constitute torture or that are cruel, inhuman or degrading; respecting and protecting informed consent, confidentiality and the right to privacy concerning medical testing, treatment or health services rendered; and avoiding medical detention and involuntary isolation, to be used only as a last resort.

Stealing, diverting or counterfeiting health products. For example, taking drugs from the public health system to sell privately for profit resulting in free drugs being denied to patients. This can also result in sub-standard or counterfeit health commodities being sold in pharmacies and markets.

An intimidation tactic sometimes used to make people cooperate during an act of wrongdoing. For example, they can involve harming or threatening to harm people or damaging or threatening to damage goods and property to prevent people from speaking out if wrongdoing is taking place.

eLesson on human rights violations:

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Why should you care about human rights violations?

The promotion and protection of human rights is essential for expanding access to health services, especially for key populations and those who are most vulnerable.

Discriminating against individuals because of their status prevents medicines and services from reaching the people who need them the most. Additionally, the fear of torture or the invasion of privacy may deter people from seeking help through Global Fund financed programs.

The Global Fund works with implementers in country to ensure the protection and promotion of human rights is achieved through three actions: the integration of human rights throughout the grant cycle, increased investment in programs that remove barriers to accessing health services, and ensuring that the Global Fund does not support programs that infringe human rights.

eLesson on human rights violations:

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How do you spot human rights violations in Global Fund-supported programs?

Human rights violations can have the following red flags:

People living with HIV/AIDS are refused treatment because of their sexual orientation

Experimental treatments are tested on people without regulatory approval

HIV or tuberculosis treatments are withheld from prisoners as a punishment

Doctors tell a patient’s family that the patient is HIV positive

A tuberculosis patient is jailed without choices to carry out less intrusive care

Clinics refuse treatments to sex workers and people who inject drugs

eLesson on human rights violations:

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Case study on human rights violations

Real case studies of human rights violations from our archives