eLesson 6

What are product issues?

What is the correct definition of product issues?

An intimidation tactic sometimes used to make people cooperate during an act of wrongdoing. For example, harming or threatening to harm people or damaging or threatening to damage goods and property to prevent people from speaking out if wrongdoing is taking place.

Stealing money and lying about it. Often financial or accounting wrongdoing which is intended either for personal gain or to give a false impression. Examples include stealing or diverting funds, misrepresenting or changing accounting records, transactions, invoices, financial statements…

Stealing, diverting or counterfeiting health products. For example, taking drugs from the public health system to sell privately for profit resulting in free drugs being denied to patients. This can also result in sub-standard or counterfeit health commodities being sold in pharmacies and markets.

eLesson on product issues:

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Why should you care about product issues?

Product issues weaken the ability of recipient countries to effectively control AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Product issues can result in patients not receiving the life-saving medicines or other health products such as insecticide treated mosquito nets that they are entitled to. It can result in patients having to buy the medicines or other health products they should have received for free. It can also lead to patients unwittingly buying sub-standard or counterfeit products that can endanger their health.

Product issues also reduce the potential impact of Global Fund grants, discredit the ability of the Global Fund to carry out its mission and cause grant funds and medicines to be lost due to disruption.

eLesson on product issues:

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How do you spot product issues?

Product issues have the following red flags:

Stock outs of free medicines. Medicines aren’t available at public health facilities.

Medicines with words such as ‘Not for Retail Sale’ or other logos available for sale in private pharmacies and markets.

Medicines that have limited or no effect.

eLesson on product issues:

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Case study on product issues

Real case studies of product issues from our archives: