“I think some people are aware of the negative impact fraud, corruption and wrongdoing has on Global Fund programs...I would urge anybody with information that can help save more lives to come forward and tell us about it.”

Katie Hodson, Head of Investigations

Katie Hodson

Head of Investigations

Katie Hodson is Head of Investigations at the Global Fund OIG. Katie is from England and has more than 20 years of experience in conducting and supervising investigations. Prior to working at The Global Fund, she served at Novartis International AG, Basel as the Global Head of Investigations, where she managed a team of 30 investigators working on international matters. She has extensive experience leading fraud investigations globally, including product theft, diversion and counterfeiting as well as numerous investigations involving employee misconduct.

“I think people somehow misunderstand what whistle-blowing is. They see it as a negative thing. But when you have a concern or when you see someone doing something you know is wrong, then speaking out is a good thing.”

Katie Hodson, Head of Investigations

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