“If you’re truly concerned about your community, you need to realize that you are actually the first line of defense...when people engage in fraud and corruption, it’s depriving your community of resources that could benefit them directly.”

Mouhamadou Diagne, Inspector General

Mouhamadou Diagne

Inspector General

Fluent in French, English and Wolof, Mouhamadou is a dual citizen of Senegal and the United States. Before becoming Inspector General at the Global Fund, Mouhamadou was the Director of Strategy and Operations in the World Bank Group’s Internal Audit and Director of Internal Audit at the Federal National Mortgage Association. He also worked for eight years in international public accounting firms, as an audit manager at Deloitte, and as a senior manager for Andersen and Ernst & Young. Mouhamadou is a Certified Internal Auditor and a Certified Investments and Derivatives Auditor. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, a Master’s of Science in Finance at the University of Maryland, a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting at Howard University and a Bachelor’s in Communication. He has also taught university students in accounting, advanced auditing, and management.

"When people steal medicines, when people engage in corruptive behavior, it’s a child that’s going to die of malaria potentially. It’s an HIV patient who is not going to get his or her drugs. It’s a pregnant mother who is not going to get the prenatal care that she’s entitled to.”

Mouhamadou Diagne, Inspector General

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